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Next Generation Women Leaders

– I want to start by telling you about a really exciting project I’m working on: I am on the core organizing team for McKinsey’s 2016 Next Generation Women Leaders (NGWL) event for women in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (scroll to the bottom of the post for more information). In May I will be a faculty member for the event itself. As a firm we invest a lot resources in this event, and personally I think this is one of our best initiatives in Europe.

At our Warsaw women's event

This is the third edition of NGWL and it’s pretty cool to see our progress in many ways. We’re utilizing technology more to make marketing and the actual event itself more digital. We’re confirming exciting speakers and panelists. We’re thinking of new and better ways to stay in touch with applicants and keep them excited about McKinsey as a career option. Moreover, we’re also thinking about how to enable the participants to stay in touch with one another. The list goes on!

We have 17 people on the core organizing team, and we talk every Friday to discuss our progress and next steps and to share new ideas. There are so many logistics involved in planning this event—even just organizing dinners—and it’s amazing to see the collective effort of the team. All of us have different workstreams—I am on the communication workstream. Among other things, I am working on promoting the event on social media and figuring out new ways to reach potential candidates both students and working professionals. Moreover, I am using my own network and personally reaching out to potential candidates to encourage them to apply to the event. And of course I’m using this blog as another opportunity to spread the word!

The fact that we have a large team of people focused on this event proves to me McKinsey’s commitment to increasing the number of women here and also creating female leaders outside of the firm. I have met amazing colleagues on the core organizing team—we all share a passion for women’s recruiting and gender equality and we’ve become close friends after only a couple of months of working together. I cannot wait until we come together in Paris—it will be incredible to celebrate the seven months of hard work to plan and organize the event.

Warsaw women’s initiative

On a local level, I am also driving our women’s initiatives in the Warsaw office. We recently organized an internal workshop for our female consultants on personal presence. We had a coach available to give us feedback and tips on our presence, and we also had an expert to discuss how to accommodate different client dress codes. Afterwards, we all went out for some evening fun. At McKinsey you make really close friends, which is definitely one of the best parts of the job.

Serving a client twice
Celebrating a project milestone with chocolate

I recently opted to serve a financial institution client during the project’s second phase. This was my first time serving a client from planning to implementation, and it was great to see how our suggestions have changed company’s operations and mindsets of its employees. Personally, I found that since the client already knew and trusted me, I was given more responsibility during the second phase. I now see the value of long term engagements because the client’s employees begin to see you as a welcome member of their team instead of a temporary fixture.

A happy year end
At our office's holiday party

I had a busy and fun year-end. Our office had an amazing holiday party with a Star Wars theme. We put together some really funny videos for the party and just had a great time celebrating together. And on a personal level, I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve with friends from outside of the office.

See below for more information on NGWL. Until next time, take care!

About our Next Generation Women Leaders event

McKinsey & Company invites female students and experienced professionals across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa to be inspired and make a difference!

McKinsey passionately believes in developing outstanding female leaders. We do so every day, internally and with our clients. Now we’d like to invite you to take the next step of your leadership journey with us.

We are looking to get to know more women just like you:

  • Women who actively seek ways to maximize their own potential
  • Individuals who enjoy problem solving and creative thinking
  • Women who thrive when working with other people

Ultimately, we are looking for women who want to use their talents to make positive change in their lives and the world we share.

If you are thinking “wow, this sounds like me!” we would like to offer you an opportunity to take part in an exclusive three-day workshop in Paris from May 12-14, 2016.

McKinsey offers you—talented women across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa—the unrivalled opportunity to explore the importance of women in leadership and the impact women leaders are having on the economy, to shape your own leadership styles by playing to your strengths and to understand how McKinsey can help you grow your potential. You will also have a chance to meet our consultants and participate in group sessions, workshops, and dialogues.

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Anna joined our Warsaw office as an experienced hire after working in finance for several years. While completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees—both in finance—from Wrocław University of Economics in Poland, she also completed her CFA program, paving the way for her to work almost exclusively within our financial institutions group. She speaks four languages, which is useful given her love of international travel. Outside of work, you’ll find her skiing, sailing, or attending the theater.