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Moving back to New Zealand -- temporarily

– Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! I joined McKinsey five months ago; it was a difficult decision for me as I have two young daughters, aged five and three. Before I had children I had worked in consulting, so I had a very good idea of what it involved. I was committed to finding a way to do the work that I love, now with a family in tow.

Weekend fun with the kids

Whilst originally from New Zealand, I had been living in Melbourne for 10 years when I joined McKinsey. Just as I started here, three long-duration recovery and transformation services (RTS) projects were commencing in New Zealand, presenting me with a unique opportunity. I decided that if I had to travel for my work, then my family would travel with me! I’m looking at it as an 18 month commitment to move my family to New Zealand—however, as with most things at McKinsey and in life, there is always a chance that things could change.

Moving my life

We packed up as many suitcases as we could get our hands on (I became one of THOSE people at the airport with three trolleys overflowing!). To make this work, we needed a family home near a school and kindergarten, so I have taken on a lease in Auckland, which is actually less costly than weekly flights and hotels. I have found it tremendously beneficial for my energy levels not having to fly every week, too!

One of our snowboarding locations

My family has been here with me now for three months (I commuted for the first two months whilst arrangements were being made) and my daughter has started school since she arrived. My husband has temporarily stopped work to help settle the kids. He runs his own business and work seems to be finding him again, so next year we will re-structure things. It has been a busy period in our lives but it is amazing to provide my children the opportunity of living and learning in a new (beautiful) country.

Beautiful beaches

As a family we love going to the beach, walking through the bush and getting to the mountain to snowboard in the winter. New Zealand can provide all of that to us and more! We also now get to spend time at my parents’ farm. Seeing my kids interact with the animals and nature each week makes me sure I have made the right decision for them, despite the disruption. Most importantly, the opportunity for my kids to get closer to their grandparents, their cousin and their aunt (who works for McKinsey, too) is the greatest benefit of all.

Until next time,


Implementation Leader


Brigitte joined our McKinsey Implementation practice with deep consulting and transformation experience in industries including grocery retail, mining, and banking—and even a year of government work. As an implementation leader, she works closely with clients to deliver and sustain our recommended changes in their business. She earned a BA in English and Film Production from Victoria University of Wellington and a BE with honors from the University of Auckland. A mother to two young children, she loves spending time at her family farm, snowboarding, and enjoying wine tasting and great food.