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McKinsey Implementation Day and going L2

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WiMI Meeting and MI Day

In my last post I shared my involvement in launching Women in McKinsey (WiMI) Implementation group. Since then, we’ve had a few virtual sessions, and just a few weeks ago we had our first WiMI in-person event. About 25 women met in Denver a day ahead of our annual North America-wide McKinsey Implementation Day.

Meeting in person was wonderful and allowed us to really connect with each other and share our stories. All women affiliated with McKinsey Implementation were invited to join us, including consultants, professional development managers, recruiters, and others. We wanted this meeting to be as inclusive as possible since there are so different roles and skill sets within MI and wanted to include everyone who contributes to the practice.

Our professional programming was focused on two themes: How to work well in a strengths-based feedback model, and how to find your energy. And as you can see, we had great cupcakes!

Delicious cupcakes celebrating WiMI Day

The day after our WiMI event was MI Day, which was also great, particularly since our broader team is spread across the continent and we don’t all get to see each other in person very often. The day really helped me think about where I’m going and what I’m helping build. Our breakout groups were divided by tenure and also by function/industry, so attendees could connect with peers and also with colleagues who do the same type of work.

Current project and L2 in PMP

I worked in pharmaceutical technology before I joined McKinsey, and ideally I’d like to split my time at McKinsey between pharma and pharma-related projects in healthcare. I’m currently doing work for a biotech startup, which has been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done. It’s a really exciting opportunity to help our client position themselves for their first product launch.

A shot from our Women in McKinsey Implementation event

Given my interest in this space, I recently signed up for the L2 path in PMP (pharmaceutical and medical products). Our L2 program is designed to build expertise in a particular function or industry through a combination of client experience, training, practice involvement, and mentorship. When you join an L2 program, you’re assigned a mentor, and in my case this pairing worked out really well since it is someone I already know and like. I’m looking forward to several of the L2 training programs, including a two-day L2 Academy event in New York in December.

New Ventures Competition

McKinsey runs a one-of-a-kind innovation competition, the New Ventures Competition. It aims to source the best ideas for new ways to create lasting impact for our clients from our 22,000+ colleagues around the world. Winners are given the opportunity and support to build their idea into a client-ready product.

My pharma-focused team was one of the first round winners. We were able to accelerate the first steps in building our idea by spending a week with dedicated tech experts and designers. We’ve continued to work on it and already have a few excited clients lined up!

On a final note, my move to New York has gone really well. I love living close to my sister and already have a good group of friends from the office and elsewhere. This weekend I’m looking forward to spending time with some Chicago friends who will be in town.

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Lindsey earned her undergraduate degree in industrial and systems engineering at Georgia Tech and a masters in supply chain management from Penn State. She joined McKinsey as an experienced hire in Chicago with several years of work experience and has since coached clients across numerous industries. As a member of our McKinsey Implementation practice, Lindsey's client work often focuses on long-term sustainability and capability building. She has enjoyed the opportunity to travel frequently and explore new cities, including her new home city of New York.