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Launching a McKinsey Implementation women's group

– Hi everyone,

I’m excited to share a few things with you today!

Women in McKinsey Implementation (WiMI)

As you know, I am part of McKinsey Implementation (MI), the group that works on-site with clients to help them execute and sustain transformational changes. Much of my work is in operations—and in general, women are underrepresented in operations. A major focus in MI is on recruiting outstanding women and making sure we have a great community for women once they join us. In that vein, I am part of a team that has launched a new internal network, Women in MI (WiMI)!

Exploring downtown Scottsdale with my team

Our goals in launching WiMI are to increase connectivity among female MI members, build stronger networks, continue to develop sponsorship, and help provide opportunities for our women to take more leadership roles in MI and other areas. The network is now three months old. We have already hosted two meetings via video conference to get to know one another and discuss our goals, and we’re in the midst of planning an in-person event that will take place later this year.

I’m particularly excited about the in-person event, and we have a lot of ideas for the content sessions already. Some of these ideas include discussions on feedback as it relates to gender, exploring what energizes and motivates us, and “reframing”—e.g., how do you alter your perception of situations to tackle challenges head-on?

We have a committee, additional volunteers, and a lot of excitement. McKinsey Implementation is still a fairly new group, so we feel like we have tons of growth potential and everyone is really motivated to make MI a great place for women.

A big move

In NYC with my sisters and mother

In other big news, I just transferred to our New York office last week! My motivation was personal—one of my sisters was moving there from Atlanta, and we wanted to be in the same city. I have an apartment in SoHo and am really looking forward to spending time in the city over the coming months. As I write this, both of my sisters are getting to my apartment and we will spend my first “real” weekend in NY.

The transfer experience was really wonderful for me. I had heard that McKinsey supports mobility, but I was somewhat surprised by the level of support I received, and the ease of the process. My goal is to be in the New York office every Friday so I can spend time with the large MI cohort located there and also meet new NY-based colleagues.

An amazing client team and upcoming training

I am working with a large healthcare client who is looking to make improvements to their pharmacy distribution channels. These changes will be a good operational and financial upgrade for the client and that will in turn effect positive change at hospitals and clinics. I have an absolutely fantastic client team comprised of four women that include a contract specialist, sourcing manager, ops manager and senior director. I have worked with great clients before, but this team is really special and they have become personal friends. One of them even handmade me a necklace and earrings!

Even the guys loved our team mani-pedi event

I roll off this project in about two weeks and am looking forward to attending a training called LEAD I for a week, followed by a week of vacation. This reminds me that I have a lot of pre-work for the training event and need to get going on that…

My last bit of news is that I was just promoted from Implementation Coach to Senior Implementation Coach. It was a very exciting week for me as I found out about my promotion and my approved transfer request within a few days of each other.

Until next time, enjoy your summer!


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Lindsey earned her undergraduate degree in industrial and systems engineering at Georgia Tech and a masters in supply chain management from Penn State. She joined McKinsey as an experienced hire in Chicago with several years of work experience and has since coached clients across numerous industries. As a member of our McKinsey Implementation practice, Lindsey's client work often focuses on long-term sustainability and capability building. She has enjoyed the opportunity to travel frequently and explore new cities, including her new home city of New York.