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Joining McKinsey full-time after a summer internship

– Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I’m excited to share my McKinsey experiences with you and hope I give you some insight into what it’s like to change careers and become a consultant here. I originally joined McKinsey as a Summer Associate in 2015—while I was earning my MBA at Wharton—and I returned full-time last October.

For my first post I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my myself and why I came to McKinsey. Before business school I worked at the BBC Worldwide doing digital ad sales and client solutions. This was a strategic role working between the editorial and sales teams. After several years at the BBC, I felt like I was ready to develop myself a bit more, so I applied to business schools and ended up going to Wharton. I want to go back to media at some point in my career, but my goals for now are to broaden my business knowledge and experience, which is what brought me to consulting.

Hiking with my sister in New Hampshire over the holidays

I started having conversations with McKinsey people during my first year at Wharton, while recruiting for a summer internship position. It was important to me that I joined a firm that does a lot of work in the media space. I met a lot of great people from McKinsey who focused on TMT (technology, media, and telecom) work, many of whom were based out of the Stamford office. I had some great conversations with these colleagues and was excited about the work they were doing. I also liked the feel of the Stamford office—it’s a smaller office with a close-knit community. I ended up getting a summer offer to join the office, loved the experience, and was really excited to come back full-time.

Here’s the part that may be a little surprising: my client engagement during my summer internship was not with a media company, but with an aerospace and defense client, in a functional area that I had never touched before. I actually think this was what sold me on returning full-time: I was open to exploring any industry and had a great experience on that engagement, which gave me a lot of confidence that I would be excited about the work, no matter which industry or function.

When I first returned this fall, I had a little time before I joined a client team, so I was able to help out with recruiting. I did some case coaching with undergrad candidates and also went back to Wharton for the McKinsey presentation. I really enjoyed being on the “other side” and can’t wait to become more involved in recruiting.

So far, I have been on my current engagement, a software client, for just over two months. This has been a great experience so far—we have been working closely with the client on a daily basis, which I love. It is invigorating to see our client so excited about the work we are doing, and as the engagement draws to a close, I feel confident we will deliver an impactful recommendation to them.

Travelling in Colombia before I started work in October

Speaking of the team, even though I’m not working in the New York area, I’m working with a few Stamford colleagues. We have a fabulous Engagement Manager from Stamford, as well as an Associate Partner who is in the process of moving from Stamford to Seattle. The team is rounded out with a Business Analyst (from New York) and a Senior Associate (from San Francisco). It’s been fun getting to know new team members, seeing familiar faces in a far-away city, and exploring our temporary home base (and its awesome restaurants!).

On the topic of restaurants, a little more about me: I love to cook (and to eat). Since I’ve been travelling during the week, I’ve had to get very strategic about what and when I’m cooking. Luckily my boyfriend is happy to enjoy the leftovers when I’m gone. I also enjoy travelling, and outside of my weekly travel for work, I am looking forward to upcoming trips to Austin, Miami and Berlin.

I look forward to sharing more updates in a couple of months!




Alex joined us after earning her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from Tufts University, where she studied political science and art history. She is an associate in our Stamford, CT office and is interested in TMT (Technology, Media, & Telecom) work, particularly in marketing and sales. In her free time, Alex enjoys travelling, cooking, and running.