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Innovation, our firm's global reach, and some pics of beautiful Sydney

– Hi everyone,

I hope that 2016 is off to a great start for you. Things with me have been busy but good. On the client front, I’ve been doing quite a few interesting pieces of work recently. There is a huge amount of excitement in Australia around innovation and the economic growth agenda. It’s invigorating to work with our public sector clients and support them as they weigh-up key investments in these areas and undertake digital transformations.

Beautiful Sydney

My client teams have been really wonderful and filled with colleagues who are incredibly committed to the public sector. It has been amazing to work with so many business analysts and associates who have great aspirations to change the world for the better. Our teams have received great support from our local leadership as well as colleagues from around the globe.

On this topic, I have to say that I continue to be impressed by the firm’s global reach. Australia can be a bit isolated—not only geographically—from the rest of the world. However, it doesn’t feel that way at McKinsey. We have received huge support from our firm’s experts around the world. This is a distinctive offering for our clients—we are able to bring the best of the firm (from over 100 offices and 60 countries!) to our clients, and this expertise is never more than an email or phone call away.

Capturing the sights during my morning runs

I’m also inspired by the way partners leading the public sector work “walk the walk” of our firm’s values. The co-leader of our public sector work is passionate about diversity and leads the office’s local All In initiative. He’s also involved in the Male Champions of Change group and was involved in our International Women’s Day events.

It is also exciting to see that our staff as a whole is so passionate about innovation. We recently held a successful symposium about digital innovation with the consulting staff. I am surrounded by people who are committed to learning, growing, and exploring new ways to serve clients. This is particularly important today, when so much of our work is new to the firm (read more about this here).

One last shot of the city

Finally, a quick personal note before I sign off: one of the great pleasures about working in Australia’s beautiful cities is the lovely tracks where I can go for my morning run. Sydney is a highlight—jogging around the Opera House, Botanical Gardens and Sydney Harbour Bridge isn’t a bad way to start the day.

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Kate joined our Melbourne office as an experienced hire with fifteen years of prior work experience, including work in the public sector and broadcasting—and running her own consulting firm. She’s passionate about public policy and strengthening public sector organizations and has found a perfect place to do it with our public sector practice in Australia, where she can use her tech experience and government knowledge to improve her home country. When she’s not working, she’s enjoying every moment with her husband and two young children.