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Contributing to a report that prompted a tweet from President Obama!

– Hi readers!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. The report that I worked on during my secondment (a McKinsey-sponsored externship) launched and was a great success, with about 1,500 news articles. Even Obama tweeted about it! You can find the report here.

I've just finished my first client engagement after my secondment. It was a busy one, with seven client workshops and about 50 interviews in 11 weeks. But, it was a lot of fun, and I loved both the topic and the client. It was also in Paris, about which I certainly can't complain. While it's always preferable to be home, if you have to travel, you really can't beat Paris!

In August, during the standard French shut-down, I took a three-week "staycation" (i.e., I took holidays and stayed home!). Some people may find that unusual, but I've already travelled to about 65 countries, and when I'm travelling every week for work, it's just nice to be home. The break was good for me; I totally relaxed and came back to work re-energised.

At a bachelorette party in New York City

I also saw a lot of friends this summer. One of the great things about living in London is that everyone seems to fly through here at some point, so many of my girlfriends from Brazil have been around. Several of them were here for a training program for engagement managers in Cambridge this summer called EM College. EM College is given every year for all of the engagement managers in McKinsey globally. I also took two weekend trips to New York for a good friend's bachelorette party and then wedding.

I'm now working out of the London office, helping our local energy partners with proposals for potential projects and looking for my next adventure!

Ok, signing off to meet a friend for a drink! Till next time,


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Kimberly’s expertise in environmental science and economic policy has carried her from nonprofit work in South Africa to an associate position in McKinsey’s São Paulo office to a secondment with the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Now an associate partner based in our Chicago office, she is a committed member of our cleantech practice, following her passion for renewable energy and addressing climate change. Interested in more on this topic? Follow Kimberly on LinkedIn and Twitter.