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Celebrating International Women's Day

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– Hi everyone—
Happy International Women's Day! There has been a lot of activity here leading up to this day.  Hopefully you follow us on social media (McKinsey & Company’s Facebook page; Real Life at McKinsey, our recruiting feed; McKinsey Women, for female candidates; and our Instagram and Twitter feeds) and will see all of our posts celebrating women. 

IWD is always a great day here at McKinsey, with lots of events, fun posts on our internal message boards, and time to reflect on the firm’s commitment to women. I was happy to be asked to partake in our McKinsey Women Facebook page’s series about women who have contributed to women’s development and connectivity, and of course I wrote about my experience with our Women in McKinsey Implementation group.  Here’s my quote, in case you miss it: "A couple of years ago, my colleagues Amara and Shannon and I founded the Women in McKinsey Implementation (WiMI) group. As MI has grown, WiMI has also grown, giving us the opportunity to expand our group to include a steering committee comprised of women who are the most passionate about developing this effort. We’ve supported initiatives including women's recruiting for MI, creating ‘classes’ to support connectivity among smaller groups of women at similar tenure levels, and increasing opportunities for more in-person connectivity of women in MI. Aspects of our connectivity initiatives have even been rolled out to the broader MI community, making us proud to be affecting positive change for all of our colleagues." 

I’ll be back again soon with another update on what’s going on in my life!

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Lindsey earned her undergraduate degree in industrial and systems engineering at Georgia Tech and a masters in supply chain management from Penn State. She joined McKinsey as an experienced hire in Chicago with several years of work experience and has since coached clients across numerous industries. As a member of our McKinsey Implementation practice, Lindsey's client work often focuses on long-term sustainability and capability building. She has enjoyed the opportunity to travel frequently and explore new cities, including her new home city of New York.