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Purvi is an associate in our London office
Purvi joined our London office after completing her MBA at INSEAD's France campus. Prior to INSEAD, she worked for several years across India and Southeast Asia for a global pharmaceutical company. At McKinsey, she continues her work in pharma and healthcare with projects in the UK and continental Europe. Purvi is passionate about women in leadership, both at McKinsey and in society in general. She was selected as one of 80 women in STEM for Homeward Bound, a sustainability leadership program, and joined them on an expedition to Antarctica in winter 2018.

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Blog Post

Reflections on my trip to Antarctica

– I’m back from my Antarctic adventure and wanted to share some of my thoughts after this unique opportunity. For those of you who are new readers, you can learn more about this trip in my last blog entry.
Associate, Purvi

Gearing up for an Antarctic adventure

– From the day I joined McKinsey, leadership has been central to all my experiences here, whether it’s leading teams and clients or daily project management or thought leadership.
Associate, Purvi

Kicking off my new year in a great way

– I love year ends—they lead to new beginnings. The start of a fresh year brings infinite possibilities for each one of us. For me personally, I took the end of 2017 as an opportunity to reflect on the success and the failures of my year and the people who stuck through it all with me—the family and friends for whom I’m very grateful.
Associate, Purvi

Happy holidays

– Hi everyone! As the year comes to a close, I feel grateful for everything 2017 brought with it—the energizing client engagements, the new faces I met through the year, the events and communities I was part of—and it leaves me feeling content.
Associate, Purvi

Hello from our London office

– Thank you for reading my blog! I'm excited to use this platform to share my experiences—and I hope to interest some of you in joining McKinsey.