Kimberly's perspective

Kimberly is associate partner in our Chicago office
Kimberly’s expertise in environmental science and economic policy has carried her from nonprofit work in South Africa to an associate position in McKinsey’s São Paulo office to a secondment with the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Now an associate partner based in our Chicago office, she is a committed member of our cleantech practice, following her passion for renewable energy and addressing climate change. Interested in more on this topic? Follow Kimberly on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Recent perspectives

Reflecting on my McKinsey experience

– Hi readers, Greetings from chilly Chicago! Right now we're recruiting our summer associates, and in my role as one of our Midwest Women's Initiative leads...

Four events in one month

– Hi readers, this month has been chock full of McKinsey events for me! 

A quick end-of-summer update

– Hello readers! In my last update, I shared the news about my move to Chicago, which already seems like a long time ago.

Transferring to my third continent

– Greetings from my new home in Chicago! This is my biggest news in a while, so I’ll share some details about how this move came about.

From a promotion to a vacation and everything in between

– I’ll start off with my most exciting news: I was recently designated to the associate partner (AP) role!
Thanksgiving dinner

Energy work and a trip to Davos

– I recently worked on a project to set up a commission comprised of global leaders who are committed to mitigating climate change while also supporting economic development.
Shopping tea friend

The Times Top 50 Places to Work for Women

– I'm managing two fantastic projects at the moment. Both are about the transition to cleaner energy systems, precisely the topic I'm passionate about.
Dinner with the BAs on my team

A fast-paced project in Austria with a great team

– Well it's 6:30am on a Monday, and I'm in London's City Airport for my weekly commute to Austria for an eight-week strategy engagement.
NYC bachelorette party

Contributing to a report that prompted a tweet from President Obama!

– A lot has happened since I last blogged. The report that I worked on during my secondment (a McKinsey-sponsored externship) launched and was a great success, with about 1,500 news articles.
Opera outing

From workshops to skunkworks

– My streak of no international travel came to an end in April.