Britta's perspective

Britta is a senior knowledge expert in our Chicago office
Britta obtained her PhD in economics from Georg-August-University Göttingen after studying business administration and economics in Magdeburg and Sydney. She originally joined our Frankfurt office as an associate and has since transferred to San Francisco and then her current home office of Chicago. As a senior knowledge expert, Britta works with clients and client teams serving consumer and retail goods companies throughout the world while contributing to our overall knowledge in the procurement space. When not working, Britta loves to travel and recently accomplished her goal of visiting every continent on earth.

Recent perspectives

Four noteworthy year-end events

– Happy New Year! In my last post, I promised an update on some of the events and training programs I attended towards the end of 2017.

Personal news and my holiday plans

– As I mentioned in my last post, I have an exciting personal update: My boyfriend Brian and I are engaged to be married!

My experience on an evaluation committee

– In my last post, I mentioned that I was invited to be a member of the year-end evaluation committee for our knowledge colleagues in the Operations practice, so I wanted to share a bit about that.

A new responsibility in my new role

– Happy October, everyone! I've been back from a fantastic summer PTO in the Rocky Mountains for about two weeks now, and have been quite busy catching up on all my clients, knowledge network efforts I'm driving with my teams, and getting ready for year-end evaluations.

My experience at Associate Partner Orientation

– Summer greetings, everyone! I've just returned from an amazing training and wanted to share a bit about it with you.

Focusing on reach and relevance in my new role

– It has been a very busy six months! In my last post, I mentioned that I’d been doing a good amount of Associate Partner-level work, and I am really excited to share...

Busy client work and Austin City Limits

– I’ve had a busy and exciting few months with client work. I had a couple of long-term situations as the “CD” (content director) for teams.

A crazy few months topped off with awesome travel

– Hi everyone! It’s been a crazy few months for me. As you know, I switched from the traditional consultant role to a knowledge expert role a while back.

A trip to our southernmost continent

– Hi everyone, and happy new year! I’m starting this blog post with an update on an exciting trip I took over the holidays.

Moving to a knowledge expert role

– It’s been quite a while and I have major changes to report! First, as of Jan 1 of this year, I transitioned from the engagement manager role to a knowledge expert role.

A sourcing transformation project in Boston

– Wow, time flies!! I cannot believe it's been months since my last update! Much has happened since then. I've been working another sourcing transformation project - this time in beautiful Boston!

Learn, network, repeat

– It has certainly been a while since my last update! I'm at the Atlanta airport on my way home to San Francisco, and I'm sitting here feeling both happy and sad.