Amandla's perspective

Amandla is an engagement manager in our Nairobi office
Amandla originally joined the firm as a summer business analyst in Minneapolis. She spent her third BA year in Lagos before departing to earn her MBA/MPA at Harvard University. In early 2017 she returned home and re-joined us in our Nairobi office, where she works on public sector transformations in taxes and agriculture (and sometimes moonlights in retail banking).

Recent Perspectives

My most challenging project at McKinsey

– So much has happened since I last blogged—it is 2018, the movie Black Panther changed many lives (did you catch Lupita Nyong’o’s shout out to Nairobi in the movie??)...

Celebrating Ethiopian New Year Part 2

– Hi everyone! I'm back with part two of my post about Ethiopian New Year.  I wanted to share two more interesting aspects of this special celebration. 

Celebrating Ethiopian New Year

– Happy Ethiopian New Year! I am still the engagement manager on the tax transformation work we are doing in Ethiopia—six months and counting. It’s been such a great opportunity to learn more about the country, its rich history and traditions.

Rejoining McKinsey after four years away

– Hello everyone! I'm excited to be re-joining the team of McKinsey Women bloggers. I left the firm in June 2013 after a whirlwind three years at McKinsey: a summer internship in 2009, two years as a business analyst in Minneapolis, and a third year in the Lagos office that changed my (McKinsey) life.