Alex's perspective

Alex is an associate in our Stamford office
Alex joined us after earning her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from Tufts University, where she studied political science and art history. She is an associate in our Stamford, CT office and is interested in TMT (Technology, Media, & Telecom) work, particularly in marketing and sales. In her free time, Alex enjoys travelling, cooking and running.

Recent Perspectives

TMT work and planning FDLA

– The spring has been off to a great start. I am in the midst of my second TMT (tech, media, and telecommunications) project at the firm, which I am really enjoying.

A project that checks all of my boxes

– I hope you're enjoying fall! I wanted to share a snapshot of my current engagement, which is checking a lot of boxes when I think about what I'm seeking at my one-year mark at McKinsey: industry, leadership, and location.

Joining McKinsey full-time after a summer internship

– Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I’m excited to share my McKinsey experiences with you and hope I give you some insight into what it’s like to change careers and become a consultant here.