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A winding path to McKinsey

– Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog—I’m looking forward to sharing a bit about my life at McKinsey. And I’m excited to be the first blogger from our Australian office!

A winding path to McKinsey

For my first entry, I thought I’d share a bit about my background and how I ended up here at McKinsey (not the normal way!). I was born and bred here in Australia and studied international studies and politics at university. After graduating, I went into the public service and worked on major legislative reform and policy issues, focusing on communications and tech policy. I moved to Sydney and joined a TV station to do a mix of strategy, government relations, and policy during a critical period when the industry was shifting from an analog to digital era. My husband and I welcomed two children and moved to Melbourne, where we now live. In Melbourne, I worked for one of Australia’s biggest industry associations, leading tech policy and projects, before enrolling in business school and starting my own consulting company.

That all changed when I attended the B20 SummitForum. Standing in the coffee line, I struck up a conversation with the man next to me about a question I hadn’t been able to ask during the session. This man, who turned out to be the managing partner of McKinsey’s Australia office, thought my question was a very good one, and we spent some time chatting and discussing McKinsey’s digital work and the conversation eventually led to an offer to join McKinsey. I accepted because I had seen first-hand the great work that public sector and not-for-profit organizations do and the many commercial and technological challenges they face, and I wanted to be in a position to help strengthen them.

Australia's beautiful ocean water
First impressions of the firm

The first things that struck me were the caliber and thoughtfulness of my McKinsey colleagues. I see each day that people here genuinely want to see you succeed, collaborate globally, and bend over backwards to help one another. The global scale is amazing: at any given time, I am working with people from multiple countries with diverse backgrounds. I have also been overwhelmed with the number of people who are incredibly passionate about our public sector practice here—it is such meaningful work and we are looking forward to creating tremendous impact in Australia. McKinsey has an impressive capacity to break down and solve complex problems in the public sector context.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised at McKinsey’s strength in implementation. I knew McKinsey for its strategy strengths, but nearly half of our work in Australia is implementation, so I have realized that we have a powerful combination of skills as a firm.

My family

Outside of work, I am a huge family person. My kids (now 6 and 4), my husband, and our parents are my world, and I am quite strict about spending time with them outside of working hours. We love spending time outdoors, running around at the park, and travelling—I’ve included a couple of pictures of the beautiful beaches here to give you a flavor of our surroundings. We are a vegetarian family and we love trying different foods, which we were able to do on a recent family trip to Malaysia. And that’s an intro to me and my life! I look forward to updating you again soon.


About the blogger

Senior Manager


Kate joined our Melbourne office as an experienced hire with fifteen years of prior work experience, including work in the public sector and broadcasting—and running her own consulting firm. She’s passionate about public policy and strengthening public sector organizations and has found a perfect place to do it with our public sector practice in Australia, where she can use her tech experience and government knowledge to improve her home country. When she’s not working, she’s enjoying every moment with her husband and two young children.