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Meet the speakers of Web Summit: Tim

Digital Labs experience lead Tim spoke during Web Summit in Lisbon 6-9 Nov. Learn why McKinsey is his ‘Fampany’

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The year was 2010. Having just finished my degree, I was looking forward to enjoying summer. Then, quite unexpectedly, one tweet and a Skype call later, I received some news that changed my entire career.

Satty, a digital partner at McKinsey brought me in as the third (ever) experience designer on the Digital Labs team. I started working from the New York office with the exciting prospect of helping Satty grow the team and build the firm's design expertise. What a time to be alive! Here we were, a bunch of unconventional consultants, solving complex business problems while having a great time. All eyes were on us because we were the new kids on the block. We had a chance to demonstrate how deep digital capabilities could compliment traditional business consulting and we had a mission: be here to stay.

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Day one in New York, I received some advice: “Remember Tim, make your own McKinsey.” I thought, “Make my own what?” I’ll have to excuse the naivety of my 20-year old self; within the first year of joining, McKinsey provided a massive playground of opportunities for me. I worked in a variety of industries all over the world, and I was mentored by some nearly flawless leaders. I’ve never yet been exposed to another organization that enables and expects the same entrepreneurial drive from its employees.

Six years on, our family has grown; we now have a much larger team. I’m humbled to be one of the first and a little frightened to admit I’ve been here more than half a decade, but I’ve shared some incredible experiences that wouldn’t have been possible without McKinsey.

One of my proudest moments was when I shared the stage at last year’s Web Summit with a colleague from London, Irene. We hosted a fireside conversation about Design Thinking within large organisations. To our surprise, 300 people showed up to a room that could barely fit 90 It was a tight fit, but that made it all the more memorable.

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For the past two years, I have been part of the London Experience Design team, where I’m leading creative direction for our clients. I am grateful I am part of this ‘fampany’: a family company, in which I call my colleagues friends. We’ve built a culture that focuses on the people first. When working together, we really do bring out the best in each other.

I still hold dear a piece of advice Satty gave me in my first six months. While I was in the New York office, he would pop his head around the door and ask, “ Still learning?” I’ve never stopped as every meeting, every client, every interaction brings something new.

About Tim

A native Geordie, Tim lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with his wife Anna. Prior to McKinsey, Tim tried acting (once) before turning his hand to design. When Tim isn't designing the next best product, he spends his time with Anna and friends in their new home, where he's attempting to be a dab hand at DIY tasks, and failing.

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