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Unexpected unity and openness

Steve joined New Ventures to recruit data science and data engineering talent. Now he’s helping others join the firm, and discover their passions.

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When I came to McKinsey, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t have a business degree from a top–tier university. My apprehension quickly turned to excitement as I’ve been welcomed, challenged and empowered to be at my best.

My passion: helping others find theirs

I also didn’t fully understand the power of McKinsey until the messages started rolling in from my co–workers, family and friends congratulating me on joining the firm. I remember reading the welcome materials on my first day and being in awe of the tangible difference McKinsey makes in the world – helping entrepreneurs grow their start–ups, teaching CEOs leadership skills, developing literally life–saving apps and working on eradicating Polio. I was excited to be a part of that – helping others join the firm, take their careers to the next level, and pursue their passions.

My role at McKinsey is relatively new: I recruit candidates for our New Ventures team, mostly in our data science and data engineering paths for McKinsey solutions like Journey Analytics, Healthcare Analytics & Delivery, and Ingenuity. New Ventures is a collection of 50+ McKinsey startups focused on building next–gen products and solutions. This group is growing at astounding speed, and that has challenged everyone on my team to work harder, smarter, and more cohesively.

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The level of collaboration: inspiring

When I started, I scheduled 15-minute calls with key people in recruiting to make sure I was as effective and efficient in my role as possible. I sent invitations to other McKinsey recruiters who focused on campus, digital, operations, etc., and to our client–serving teams on the ground. Most of them had no reason to accept my call requests, as we would rarely work together on searches.

Every single person accepted my invitation, took ample time to speak with me, and taught me something new about McKinsey. Feeling comfortable reaching out to colleagues and knowing they’d share their time and knowledge was inspiring. It speaks to the level of collaboration and professionalism of our organization.

Paying it forward

Now, I try to pay that gift of time and coaching forward. I recently started sharing my experiences on LinkedIn more actively in hopes of helping job seekers search, apply and interview for jobs – inside and outside of McKinsey. At its core, recruiting is about helping people achieve their goals. For many, McKinsey is a not a stop along the path; it’s the destination. I love being a part of that journey.

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About Steve

Steve is a data science and data engineering recruiter with New Ventures, our product and solution development group of 50+ McKinsey startups. Prior to McKinsey, he was a recruiter in the information and technology services industry. He has a master's in sports management from Drexel University, and a bachelor's in communication studies from California University Pennsylvania. Steve lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Amy; and is an avid writer, foodie, and sports connoisseur. 

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