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McKinsey Analytics: Steve

London-based senior expert in healthcare analytics, Steve, describes his journey from investment banking to McKinsey.

Steven B inline

I started my career in investment banking in the U.S. After three years, I decided I needed a break – I could always return to the finance industry…it was 2007. One year, two projects in the risk space, and one financial crisis later, I realised I needed to consider other applications for my finance skill set.

Luckily, I was living in San Francisco and had met a bunch of extremely talented engineers who were doing web development with databases. Through them, I learned that the field of analytics had a lot of similarities to finance (e.g., think of a data warehouse as a huge Excel workbook). More importantly, the scope of problems I could solve with an analytics toolkit were much wider.

I returned to my alma matter, Columbia, for my MBA and focused on Operations and Decision Science. I was hired into the London office as a summer associate in 2010 and returned full-time in 2011.

Over the last five-and-a-half years, I’ve worked my way from generalist to senior expert in McKinsey Analytics. I focus on healthcare analytics and manage the European Health Analytics and Delivery team. I help clients use health data to solve huge care delivery problems, direct our new product development planning, and coordinate our team’s activities. It’s extremely rewarding.

McKinsey is offering many more and different types of opportunities than it did five to ten years ago, and it’s continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. McKinsey has always prided itself on enabling its people to “Make their own McKinsey,” and that’s true now more than ever.

Outside of work, my number one passion is being dad to my new baby son. I love learning new things so in addition to learning to be a dad, I’m learning German I’m also a huge fan of pop music and have a few new favourite German acts.

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