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From consulting to marketing for Digital Labs

Meet Peri, the director of Marketing & Communications for Digital Labs and learn how she’s making her own McKinsey.

I originally joined the San Francisco office as an associate after getting my MBA at HBS. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I figured the amazing people, clients, and development McKinsey offers would help me on that personal journey. I picked San Francisco because I wanted to get involved with the startup community – but didn’t know how.

During my time as a consultant, I was able to pursue my passion for innovation. For example, I was staffed as interim head of Client Development for a joint venture McKinsey formed with Nielsen Buzzmetrics. That role first exposed me to operations in a startup and got me into the digital space.

Peri Kadaster Inline
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After a couple of years and becoming an engagement manager, I left McKinsey to pursue my curiosity about growth-stage ventures. I joined a mobile shopping startup in San Francisco (the CEO was my first engagement manager’s husband), then a mobile design and development agency based in Istanbul and London. In the meantime, I co-founded a startup advisory and investment company with my brother. It was an amazing experience to leverage my learnings from McKinsey to mentor startups and angel networks; I wrote articles for Forbes and the Harvard Business Review and spoke at regional events about best practices and opportunities for local entrepreneurs. I loved working in small, nimble environments where I could focus on marketing and digital innovation.

I returned to McKinsey about two years ago when a former colleague from San Francisco let me know McKinsey was doing some exciting things in digital. She told me about Digital Labs – a team made up of rock star developers, designers, agile coaches, data scientists, architects, and more who work with clients to build new digital teams, experiences and businesses. Now, I head global Marketing & Communications for this team, which is part of the broader organization, Digital McKinsey. I am thrilled to leverage my experience and remain in the McKinsey environment, working with incredibly smart, passionate, and collaborative people. The Digital Labs team in particular has an amazing culture that truly feels like a startup. I love that the team is supportive of my continued efforts outside of the office in mentoring and blogging for Turkish startups. McKinsey is continually finding new ways to innovate and make a difference in the world – especially in the digital space – and I’m honored to be a small part of that story.

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