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Meet McKinsey Analytics: Pablo

Pablo is senior fellow in data science, working in the Sao Paulo office. He has been with McKinsey Analytics for almost two years.

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Being part of McKinsey Analytics has been the best professional experience of my career. My most challenging and interesting project was helping a telecom client use advanced analytics in their daily decision-making, transforming the way the organization operated.

Our role included training executives on the technical language of machine learning and the statistics team on the latest technologies used by machine learning practitioners; building example models for the clients; coaching them as they developed their own models; and preparing their databases so these new technologies could be used daily.

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The transformation took us about nine months, and now our clients are using these techniques in every important decision they make. That’s very gratifying: knowing our work made a difference for a huge organization.

About Pablo:

Pablo has been working as data scientist in Sao Paulo office for almost two years. He has a background in computer engineering and did his PhD in bioinformatics. As a data scientist, he works in R, Python, Perl, C++, and Linux.

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