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Olivier's journey

Meet Olivier, a senior product manager with Periscope by McKinsey, one of our firm's New Ventures startups that helps improve an organization's pricing, promotion, assortment, and performance management.

I’m Olivier, a product manager with Periscope by McKinsey, one of firm's 50+ New Ventures startups that helps improve an organization’s pricing, promotion, assortment, and performance management.

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Developing amazing products with inspiring people
I joined McKinsey after 10 years of experience in the semiconductor business. At that time, I was quite deep in the technology; I applied to McKinsey to broaden my knowledge and skills. I reached my objective during my first two years at McKinsey serving clients in a variety of industries as a generalist consultant. 

Along the way, I learned about New Ventures, and the amazing software solutions they provide. My first conversations with the team were terrific, and I couldn’t resist joining. Over the past six years, New Ventures has given me the best of both worlds: the joy of developing amazing products and the inspiration of working with extremely smart people.

Visualizing a new visualization solution
One of my most memorable projects was developing a way to offer clients customized versions of the Periscope Performance Vision solution. This software uses a rich set of standard visualizations, including waterfall charts, scatter plots, and histograms. However, before Tableau was created, our clients routinely asked for customized dashboards – something we couldn’t provide quickly.

I imagined a solution based on a third party library that allowed us to build these dashboards using Excel. We could turn them around in a few days and fully integrate them with the standard visualizations in Periscope. It was a great success with our client and the process – working with two developers for a couple of weeks to build the proof of concept and then the enterprise-grade solution – provided an amazing development experience for me.

Advice for recruits
If you’re considering applying for a McKinsey role with New Ventures, go for it. Our New Ventures startups are growing rapidly, and the people here are incredible. You will get to work on meaningful problems, and learn so much along the way.

Outside of work
In my free time, I do as much hiking as possible. Last summer, my girlfriend and I walked through the famous GR20 in Corsica. It provided what I love about hiking – the perfect mix of peace and adrenaline.

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About Olivier
Based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, Olivier is a product manager with Periscope by McKinsey, one of firm's 50+ New Ventures startups focused on Marketing & Sales. Before McKinsey, he was a product manager at a tech company. Olivier has a master's in electrical engineering from the Université Catholique de Louvain.

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