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Problem solving at Digital Labs

Recent joiner Nikki loves to problem solve and pick up complex challenges. Read why she decided to start at Digital Labs and how she challenges herself every day.

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Nikki Inline

I joined McKinsey about four months ago. I love problem solving and I wanted complex challenges to solve. I was eager to travel and work on a variety of things, with different technology stacks and people. I believe becoming an expert in versatility is the key to a successful and fulfilling career.

Since I joined Digital Labs so recently, I have only experienced one engagement, although I feel like I have 100 stories from it! As the sole developer on the project, I had to make quick decisions when technical complications arose. It gave me a great sense of responsibility and confidence in my decision-making process.

Since I’ve never worked in consulting before, I didn’t know what an engagement manager was; learning to work with one has given me a more holistic view of the project and shown me how important communication and transparency are in a team. In addition, there are many senior developers in the firm for me to emulate. There’s a wealth of knowledge here and it’s all very accessible. I’ve never worked anywhere that’s offered such variety – in the work, people or technology. I can switch industries, learn a new language, visit a new country and work with new teams every few months. For someone like me who gets bored easily, it’s the perfect environment.

I’m figuring out what my long-term aspirations are but right now I’m focused on getting as good technically as I can so I can blend those skills with my new–found consulting skills to be a well–rounded super developer. And outside of the office, I’m learning to become a helicopter pilot.

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About Nikki

Nikki is a senior digital consulting analyst in London. She’s tried a lot of hobbies, including boxing, rock climbing, Rubik’s cube solving and Sudoku and the one that’s stuck is flying. She has flown planes, gliders and a helicopter, and hopes to continue lessons until she’s a certified helicopter pilot.

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