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The magic of McKinsey Analytics

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I have worked in tech for eight years, earning my PhD and authoring several academic publications and patents. I always felt something was missing in my daily work. Things were…dull. I was not the person to sit at a desk the whole day, working on the same topic for months. The pace was just too slow for me. I needed a more dynamic environment with new challenges.

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One fine summer day, I was approached by McKinsey for an advanced analytics position in Düsseldorf. I spoke with the recruiter and asked friends about it. The role sounded like it would match my aspirations. Now, I only regret spending so many years away from McKinsey. I work on new problems, with new data sets, in new countries every few weeks. This is a fundamental difference between data scientists at McKinsey and elsewhere. A data scientist elsewhere might work on the same dataset for months, if not years. At McKinsey, it’s like I’m scoping out new data sets on Kaggle, but in real life.

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Better yet, the algorithms I develop go straight into actual production. I see my code making an immediate difference for my clients. It’s THE best feeling.

Being the analytics guy on a McKinsey team makes me feel special. Even though I work with some of the brightest minds, my colleagues are still impressed when my models reveal why clients are facing a certain challenge and what the potential solutions are.

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