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McKinsey Q&A: Philipp

– Meet Philipp, an engagement manager in our Berlin office who specializes in banking and finance and participates in on-campus recruiting in the United States for our German offices.

Interviewer: What brought you to McKinsey and why do you stay?

Philipp: I started at McKinsey in October 2008 – about the most challenging time economically in the recent past. My first engagement was with a struggling bank in Germany, and it remains probably the most interesting project of my career. I became fascinated by the sector and planned to start a career on Wall Street after earning my MBA. Then I realized I would miss my colleagues, the way we interact and collaborate, and the kind of work we do too much to leave. I’ve been with McKinsey almost five years and loved every minute.

Interviewer: When did you discover your passion for recruiting?

Philipp: Around the same time I decided to stay with the firm instead of going to Wall Street. I love showing potential candidates the spirit of our partnership: we work together as one team, have fun together, and share a common purpose.

Interviewer: What’s the best part about your role in recruiting?

Philipp: Talking with the potential candidates is refreshing and a ton of fun; it also has a big upside for me in that it allows me to stay in touch with my American friends from high school, college, and business school. That way I never lose touch with the people and places that helped to shape me.