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McKinsey Q&A: Ning

– Meet Ning, a business analyst in our Shenzhen office and member of our Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practice. Ning holds a BA in Economics and a BSc in Environmental Engineering from Tsinghua University. He came to McKinsey after completing his Masters in Energy Studies at Duke University.


Interviewer: Tell us your favorite thing about McKinsey.

Ning: Getting to play an essential role on my project team—managing my own work, leading work with clients, and driving problem-solving sessions.

Interviewer: What is your best "only at McKinsey" moment?

Ning: Hearing the partner on one of my teams place our client's interests (i.e., capability building) above our own. We were helping the CEO of an insurance company make his organization more customer centric. He wanted us to support the implementation of the key strategic initiatives we recommended. The McKinsey partner told the CEO "we will help only on the toughest ones—the others you can do internally or in a more cost-effective manner."

Interviewer: What are you most passionate about?

Ning: Climate change and sustainable development—I worked with NGOs and participated in a United Nations climate negotiation before joining McKinsey. Once here, I helped a power producer install wind turbines and solar PVs around the globe; a large corporation reduce their annual coal consumptions by 1 M tons; and a global retailer reduce significant carbon emissions from its supply chain.