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McKinsey Q&A: Mingyu

– Meet Mingyu, a partner and one of the founding members of our newest location – Vancouver, Canada.

Interviewer: Why did you join McKinsey? Why do you stay?


Mingyu: Before I joined the firm, I had no idea what McKinsey really did. I knew it had a reputation as a great organization and not much more. While I was browsing the Internet, preparing for my master’s thesis, I found information about the McKinsey Asia House, which was aspiring to “create a closer connection in a wider world.” That objective has kept me here ever since. Now, I’m helping to build our Vancouver office and really excited about the impact we’ll achieve together in British Columbia and Canada.

Interviewer: What has been your most memorable engagement at the firm?

Mingyu: It is hard to name only one example. Even though I’ve been with McKinsey for about ten years, I vividly remember all of the projects I’ve done because of the impact we achieved and the great teams with which I’ve worked. One of the engagements I did as an associate was a due diligence effort for a private equity firm evaluating a consumer electronics player in China. We spent time understanding the development trajectory and market outlook of this potential acquisition and realized our client should not buy it. Given the PE firm was quite determined to invest before hiring to McKinsey, we double and triple checked our analysis before making our recommendation. Our rigor and analytical approach persuaded the client not to invest, and proved sound advice in the end.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of client work?

Mingyu: I have been leading our social committee for the office and plan fun events to help everyone connect – from river rafting to winery tours, from horseback riding to pinball competitions, we’re pretty SERIOUS about it. I’m also a big soccer fan and have been since I was in high school. I am trying to play more often. And since Whistler is so close by, I am ready to practice my skiing this season.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to others considering joining McKinsey?

Mingyu: Talk to people you know who know the firm. It is important to have a 360-degree view of the organization you join so you have the right expectations. I am sure you will enjoy the process and conversations, too.