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McKinsey Q&A: Manuela

– Meet Manuela, a senior associate in our Operations practice based in Zurich:

Interviewer: Tell me about your background and how you came to McKinsey.


Manuela: I came to McKinsey’s Operations practice to pursue my passion in strategic sourcing. Before joining I worked for a few years with Whirlpool and AT Kearney. I have an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Interviewer: What question are you most frequently asked?

Manuela: People are usually surprised to hear I have two children and often ask how I manage to combine my role as consultant with my role as mom. I am fortunate to have a lot of support from my husband and my mom, and most of all, to work for a firm that offers a lot of flexibility and support.

From the time I joined, McKinsey has been instrumental in helping me to balance my work and personal commitments. For example, shortly after I joined, my husband received a new job in another country. McKinsey made it pretty easy for me to change offices so I could follow him. Later, when I was coming back from maternity leave, I moved into a non-client facing role for a few months, which made the transition back to work smooth for me and my child. Now, I’m out on maternity leave again, celebrating the birth of our second child. I plan to take advantage of the part time program McKinsey offers as I return to work this time.

In addition, the freedom I have during the staffing process matters a lot to me professionally. I can focus on areas that best meet my current needs, interests, and aspirations.

Interviewer: What is your best interview tip?

Manuela: Keep in mind that the interview is a conversation, not an exam. We are as interested to hear your questions as your answers.