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McKinsey Q&A: Jenny

– Meet Jenny, an engagement manager with our Marketing & Sales practice, based in Chicago, an avid explorer and musician. Jenny originally studied Chinese, music performance, marketing and international business at the University of Florida. She started her career with Brown Shoe Company, holding roles in strategic planning, consumer insights, and social media marketing. She earned her MBA at HBS before joining McKinsey about two-and-a-half years ago – largely to make a difference in the lives of her clients.


Interviewer: Why did you join McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales practice?

Jenny: Like many who join McKinsey, I was interested in exploring multiple industries. I’ve always been passionate about marketing and sales, so I was excited about this practice and eager to receive the focused training, mentorship and client opportunities. I’m exploring multiple topics – branding, positioning, consumer segmentation, sales capability building, and product portfolio optimization. Every engagement presents a new challenge and a new adventure.

Interviewer: What keeps you at McKinsey?

Jenny: It’s always been important to me to feel I’m making a difference at a macro and micro level. While it’s exciting to work with C-suite leaders, I really love collaborating with front line employees – training call center representatives to be more persuasive, for example, and getting know their strengths, motivations, and stories. It’s so gratifying to hear a client say, "Jenny, when are you sitting with me again? I tried your last suggestion and it totally worked!" That’s how I know I’m making a difference.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Jenny: I’m a musician and I’m constantly adding new instruments to my repertoire. I play violin and recently picked up the guitar; since my guitar is too large to carry on the plane, I bought a ukulele as a proxy for practice during the week. My team encourages me, and sometimes sings with me; we have measured our success in part based on the number of new songs I learned. It’s always fun to bring a little bit of home with me during work. And for other fellow musicians out there, the annual McKinsey Music Festival in Kitzbühel is one of the most magical events I’ve ever attended...