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McKinsey Q&A: Jan

– Meet Jan, a marketing & sales practice specialist and former entrepreneur based in Hamburg:

Interviewer: Why did you come to McKinsey?


Jan: I often get asked how I managed the step from being a self-employed digital entrepreneur to being an employee. At McKinsey, it’s actually not that dramatic a shift. I help shape how we bring the best there is in digital to help companies be successful. And I do that with fantastic colleagues. There are more than 300 experts globally working on digital topics, many of them with experience at leading digital players.

Interviewer: What keeps you here?

Jan: The opportunities to learn about digital from very different clients and colleagues and about myself, my strengths, style and priorities.

Interviewer: What does your typical day include?

Jan: It starts with me turning on all lights or going out in the sun for a run. As part of the McKinsey Digital global team, I usually support more than one client at a time. Sometimes I work in a project manager role; other times I act as more of an expert, sharing my knowledge and experience of strategic digital topics at a higher level.

Interviewer: What about your role energizes and excites you?

Jan: My role brings me into really groundbreaking strategic discussion with some well-known, global organizations about their digital strategy. Most of the discussions are around opportunities for future growth, which is uplifting and exciting.

Interviewer: What are your hobbies/passions outside of work?

Jan: I participate in Take Time that adds four weeks of unpaid leave to my regular holidays. I spend that time with friends and family, traveling and chasing the sun. I also play sports; I go running or to the gym most mornings and play tennis or football when I have the chance.