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McKinsey Q&A: Helen

– Meet Helen, a principal in our Recovery and Transformation service line and a member of our Paris office. Helen holds an MBA from Harvard University and joined us after founding Lee Bouygues Partners, a French consulting firm specializing in organizational restructuring.

Interviewer: What brought you to McKinsey?


Helen: The professionalism and quality of the people at all levels of the firm.

Interviewer: Tell us your best interview tip.

Helen: Prepare in advance to proactively describe what makes you "tick" and talk about what drives you.

Interviewer: What's your favorite thing about your current role?

Helen: I get to create real change and, in some cases, save companies by taking on interim management or advisory roles. It's humbling and inspiring.

Interviewer: What occupies your free time?

Helen: Kitesurfing all the way.