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McKinsey Q&A: Alex

– Meet Alex, an engagement manager in our Toronto office. Alex helps lead GLAM (LGBTQ network at McKinsey) in the office. Before joining McKinsey he focused in operations strategy and deployment for a fast-food chain. Now he spends most of his time on digital operations projects in the financial services sector. We sat down with him to learn why he came to McKinsey, how he got involved in GLAM and why it’s an important part of his McKinsey.


Interviewer: What drew you to McKinsey?

Alex: The people. I’m lucky to work with such smart, dedicated, talented and passionate people. Our diversity is welcomed and is an important part of our firm DNA.

Interviewer: How did you get involved in GLAM?

Alex: When I was considering my summer internship offer, Brian Rolfes, the head of recruiting for McKinsey and one of the founders of GLAM, called me. He shared the history (20 years old this year) and importance of GLAM, which captured my attention. When I rejoined McKinsey full-time, I started helping with GLAM and eventually assumed leadership of GLAM Canada.

Interviewer: Why is GLAM important to you?

Alex: Prior to McKinsey, I worked in Singapore and China, places where being out at work is not always possible or easy. McKinsey is the first organization where I’ve worked that celebrates LGBTQ colleagues. Leading GLAM Canada is a way for me to further promote diversity within McKinsey.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Alex: Spending as much time as I can with my partner, Heath, and son, Miles. Heath and I have been together for 17 years, so I’m secretly planning our 20th anniversary celebration. I try to run a half-marathon once a year, and do some lindy hop on the side (I’ve danced it for ~10 years).

Learn more about an event Alex recently helped organize for GLAM Canada and hear more testimonials from GLAM’s members in this recent video.