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Expedition 2018 event with Matthias

Learn more about our Expedition 2018 event in Kitzbuhel from Matthias, experience design director at Digital McKinsey. Matthias will facilitate a workshop on digitalization.

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Meet Matthias, experience design director at Digital McKinsey. He will tell you more about the digitalization workshop that he will facilitate during Expedition 2018.

Who’s this workshop for?

Everyone interested in digital. Participants will learn how we as designers at McKinsey tackle digital challenges. We use a different approach than classic McKinsey problem solving. It involves applying different methods, techniques, tools. We ideate, sketch, put post it notes on the wall and create a clickable interactive prototype on our phones. We get to see results immediately, testing them with people. Our workshop is about design and digital. We will take you through a customer journey, then decide on the problem we want to solve together. We will compress a digital study into few hours to give you an overview and example of what we do in real life. Afterwards we will have time for a Q&A, of course.

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How does it relate to your job at McKinsey?

We run these kinds of workshops with clients in regular work situations for similar reasons. This is how, in a very condensed way, a day in our lives actually looks. During these sessions, everybody is sketching, drawing, and using post its. It’s interactive and creative. The most interesting part is, you can apply this way of thinking later to solve problems for clients.

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What do you like most about Expedition?

I enjoy seeing great people coming together and learning new things. Digital McKinsey is a relatively new part of McKinsey. This event is an opportunity for my team to share our knowledge. It’s a lot of fun.

Interested in joining and meet Matthias in real life? Click here.

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