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Meet members of the McKinsey Operations Analytics team

McKinsey is home to a growing team of analytics experts that specialize in the operations space. Learn about the work they do and meet three of our recent hires.

Applying advanced analytics within the operations space is a growing area of expertise for our firm. We use optimization, prediction, simulation, comparison, big data and visualization techniques to improve the design of physical systems and organizational design. Globally, we apply advanced analytics to more than 500 operations engagements each year. Here we introduce you to three of our experts who have joined McKinsey within the last year:

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Benjamin, senior analytics fellow, Dusseldorf

“I am a trained aerospace engineer with a PhD in complex systems simulation. I love data modelling because I get to build virtual worlds for my clients. Before coming to McKinsey, I spent three years at a boutique consultancy in London developing predictive maintenance models for aerospace and defense clients. I’ve even modeled helicopter mechanics’ attrition and drone search-and-rescue activity.

I recently joined McKinsey’s advanced analytics team to have the opportunity to work with larger, more influential clients. Many engagements at the firm can reach much more impactful solutions by leveraging simulation models. Insights can skyrocket when such tools are used simply because they are capable of demonstrating interactions between entities as they occur in the real world – e.g., if a train breaks down in a rail network, a simulation model can predict the secondary and tertiary effects on other trains, stations, truck companies, stores etc.

I’ve been on this client team for about two weeks so far. The learning curve has been steep. Getting things done happens at twice the speed here and I love that. I’ve made real progress on my workstream already.”

Anna, junior analytics specialist, Chicago

“As a graduate student, one of my favorite roles was mentoring undergraduates competing in an international mathematical modeling contest. These students worked in teams to solve open-ended problems in just 96 hours. Working in advanced analytics in McKinsey’s Operations Practice is a bit like participating in that contest. I write algorithms and make data visualizations that empower clients to make informed decisions about their day-to-day operations. As an applied mathematician, I get really excited about solving these tough problems and seeing the impact of my coding in the real world.

My days rarely look alike. You might find me designing theoretical solutions; writing and testing code; or working with clients to understand their needs, leverage their expertise, and communicate my results. I like that my role allows me to work on quantitative problems and collaborate with others. In fact, the people element is the best part.

When I’m not on my laptop or at a whiteboard, I enjoy backpacking, trail running, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. I also love curling up with a good book on a cold winter day.”

Ayush, analytics specialist, Chicago

“I came to McKinsey from the tech start up world. My previous employer specialized in machine learning. In my role there, I felt like I could only address half of the problem at hand: working with data and advanced analytics. I was missing the more important half – collaborating with the people.

I joined McKinsey’s Operations Practice as an advanced analytics expert to get experience working hand-in-hand with industry leaders as they attempt to better understand and leverage the power of artificial intelligence. It’s a very satisfying job.

I have also found a very tight-knit community within the Operations Analytics team. It feels like working with family. We innovate, push the boundaries, and share spirit like no other team.

Outside of work, I love to cook. I joke that if consulting doesn’t work out for me, I will become a chef. I travel a lot – whenever I get a few days off, I’m on a beach in the Caribbean. I love working out and carve out time for exercise every day.”

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