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Stepping out of my comfort zone

Hana applied to McKinsey on a bit of a lark. This former software engineering student fell in love with the challenges and ongoing learning.

As a software engineering major at the Czech Technical University, I never really considered management consulting as a career option until I went to an event Digital McKinsey hosted in Barcelona. My boyfriend at the time encouraged me to go and I had a great time with some of the most inspiring people I’d ever met.

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A little while later, a friend suggested we apply for internships in consulting. It was an amazing experience. As a member of an international team, I worked with experts in various fields. I gradually assumed more responsibility and eventually found myself leading the transformation for one of the client teams we were supporting. Combining the analytical and leadership skills was a challenge – which is exactly what I was hoping for.

The experience at McKinsey was very much about stepping out of my comfort zone. Since I’d been working in research, going into the business world required a mindset shift. I learned many skills quickly, which I found exciting and rewarding.

When I reflect now, I know management consulting was a natural next step for me because I love solving problems and learning continually. I’m so glad I joined the Prague office as a business analyst; McKinsey is the best place for me.

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