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Shaping the present and future in Africa and the Middle East

Greg studied in the US and started his career in Morocco. Earlier this year, he moved to Dubai, and he’s doing what he loves: helping shape the present and the future of millions of people.

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After my studies in the United States I wanted to return to my home region of Africa and the Middle East. I joined McKinsey in Casablanca. The EMEA region is fast moving and there are many public and social sector opportunities that excite me.

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For example, I recently served a country government and its partner NGOs. The purpose of the project was to change how medicine was distributed across the country. This project was longer than average and gave me the opportunity to see the transformation unfold from beginning to end. My role was meaningful; I helped reform public policy by organizing pilots to test our hypotheses, interviewing people to better understand the challenges they face, and monitoring results. In one day, I helped deliver medicine in a city slum in the morning and spent the afternoon updating the Health Minister of the country on the progress of the overall project. This experience was one of my best at McKinsey.

Find roles like Greg’s in Casablanca, Dubai, or as part of the Africa Delivery Hub.

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More about Greg

Greg was born and raised in France. He left around the age of 20 to study and work abroad. Over the past 10 years, he has lived in six countries, worked in more than 25, and traveled to more than 50. Now an engagement manager in our Dubai office, he saves all of his boarding passes for fun to look back on the paths he has literally traveled. He enjoys reading, cooking and watching movies, and would rather be a comedian and director than anything else in his free time.

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