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Consider joining McK in Paris

Grab a coffee or Perrier and meet Florent, a member of this vibrant start-up like community.

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Hi, I’m Florent, a junior engagement manager in Digital McKinsey based in Paris. Grab a cup of coffee and share my week with me:

Favourite moment:

Participating in a successful steering committee meeting with my clients and team. We’re helping clients in the aerospace and defence industry undergo a massive transformation. I am in charge of everything related to the finance function. My clients and I are redesigning their organization – developing a new organizational structure and testing it, creating new processes and procedures, etc. This week, we made key decisions around a new HR policy that will foster internal mobility. I am really excited about the program we’ve outlined because it promises to create new opportunities that will energize several of the finance team members.

Most difficult moment:

Starting Monday off with an intensive problem-solving session during which we failed to reach consensus. Our clients are looking for a new agile solution and a triumvirate of finance, procurement and IT is in charge of evaluating three options. Each functional group pulls in different directions, so we didn’t agree on which tool to purchase. Millions of Euros are at stake, so this decision is important. I know we’ll get there eventually; we just have some more research and discussion to do.

Best lunch:

Caesar salad, magret de canard, cheese, and pineapple with a Perrier in the office today.

Florent inline

Best part about the Paris office:

Work in digital and analytics is booming. As a result, I get to work on a wide variety of topics. From IT strategy to process digitization, from big data in pharma to the Internet of Things in manufacturing – I have many opportunities to shape what I work on in this almost start-up-like environment.

Weekend plans:

A birthday party tonight, family time and some redecorating.

What I’m listening to:

“Bon entendeur” mixtapes

My favourite emoji:

Fist bump left + fist bump right = BOOM

Consider joining us in Paris

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