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Expedition 2018

McKinsey colleagues from all over Europe and many backgrounds will gather in Kitzbuhl in January to help you explore McKinsey

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Many of our colleagues across Europe have been busy readying four days’ worth of fun for you to explore. Meet four of them below and visit our website to learn more. Apply by 20th Nov. to join us in January.

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Harald, associate, Munich

“I participated in Expedition last year. The interesting people amazed me. It seemed like everyone came from different backgrounds. Everybody had cool stories to tell, which made sharing drinks at the bar fun and exciting. The whole event was relaxed and inspiring. I learned how McKinsey colleagues make a difference in everything from advanced analytics to digital design and banking. One morning I put a machine learning model to work; that afternoon, I designed and presented a new app with my team. This combination of passionate people bringing their varied expertise to bear on interesting, meaningful challenges is what makes McKinsey and Expedition so special.”

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Anna Sophie, fellow senior associate, Vienna

“I’ll be leading an Expedition workshop about the metal industry. We will discuss the newest trends and developments, including 3D printing. We will discuss how automotive manufacturers and construction are undergoing significant transformations, driven by new technologies and global shifts in production capacities and consumer behavior, and explore the effects of those shifts on the metal industry. Participants will even get a chance to test their metal working skills. Everything we do will strongly relate to my experience at McKinsey. I spent half a year working at a steel plant; seeing all the processes in place sparked my interest in the industry. I hope to bring that to my workshop and excite others about this interesting space.”

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Andreas, fellow senior associate, Munich

“I work in Digital McKinsey and our workshop will cover digitalization in the automotive industry. We will discuss insights and give participants a chance to experience industry trends, hands on. Many of our activities parallel work I actually did for a client. I helped a large incumbent in connected cars determine how to stay competitive in the market and develop new products to match customers’ interests.”

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Meet Marya, one of our consultants attending Expedition 2018.

Tell us what participants can learn from you during the event?

I’ll give my perspective on what it is like to work in the Operations practice and to start at McKinsey as an experienced professional. I’ll give my insights on the consulting world in general and, of course, answer questions if you have them.

And what do you do? How did you translate your engineering background in your role at McKinsey?

After my experience as a planning analyst at Avianca, I started as a consultant in McKinsey’s Operations practice. My degree in industrial engineering helps me think in terms of process optimization and continuous improvement and problem solve in general. My MBA gives me a financial and strategic perspective about my client’s operations (i.e. manufacturing strategy, understanding cost structures, growth options).

You studied in Guatemala and the Netherlands, then joined McKinsey in Madrid and now work in London. How does your international background help you?

Living in four countries and earning an MBA from a very international program (Rotterdam School of Management) shaped me to be flexible and adaptable to different working styles, personalities, and cultures. A client once said, “It seems like you have been working with your McKinsey colleagues for years.” These skills come in handy, since McKinsey is a very global firm. I’ve sought out engagements in Russia, Mexico, the US, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands… I get energy from working in different places with lots of different people.

Mohamed, an associate in the Dubai office, tells why you should join McKinsey:

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You studied engineering and decided to become a consultant. What made you join McKinsey Dubai?

What attracted me to Dubai and the Middle East is the dynamic and entrepreneurial nature of the work we do. I saw parallels between engineering research and consulting, such as solving problems in a structured rigorous manner, which encouraged me to make the switch to consulting. Additionally, being part of the McKinsey Middle East office, I feel fortunate to participate in the social and economic development of the region.

What are some meaningful personal development opportunities offered for a consultant in the gulf area?

Working in such an interesting McKinsey office and serving clients across the Gulf and the Middle East, I get to meet and work with a diverse group of professionals. This is not only really interesting but has helped me develop my interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships with my teams and the clients I serve. This is something I appreciate and missed in engineering.

Want to meet consultants like Mohamed? Join Expedition 2018.

Interested in joining and meet Harald, Mohamed, Anna Sophie, Marya and Andreas in real life? Click here.

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