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A place where you are celebrated

– Farid wants to tell you about our GLAM society in the Jakarta office.

Changing a nation on day 1 (almost)

– Aziz shares what led him to McKinsey Dubai after an MBA at Booth.

Building trust and helping clients explore new opportunities

– Yingjian enjoys his work as a seasoned associate in Tokyo, focused on digital topics. Find out how he's making a difference.

Opening up to adventure

– A choice early in his McKinsey career changed Bill’s path, ultimately making him a global citizen.

Mentorship and meaning

– Uttara returned to McKinsey Mumbai after earning a Harvard MPA for those two things. Join us for Insight Asia-Pacific to see if you’ll find them here, too.

Sanja's surprises

– This junior associate in Zagreb shares three things she learned in her first six months

My McKinsey Family

– Florencia’s biggest surprise: finding colleagues to share her ups and downs throughout life.

Take Time to play

– Joelle describes how she combines her work at McKinsey Dubai with her passion for the theatre.

Beyond borders with McKinsey

– Miho from Japan describes the strength of McKinsey’s support network.

Experiencing the unexpected

– Discovering I can build a great social/sports life while working full-time at McKinsey.

Adventures at sea

– Similarities between consulting and ocean racing.

Making a big difference through McKinsey Implementation

– Surya came to McKinsey Implementation after 12 years in industry to tackle bigger, broader, more diverse challenges

Shaping the present and future in Africa and the Middle East

– Greg studied in the US and started his career in Morocco. Earlier this year, he moved to Dubai, and he’s doing what he loves: helping shape the present and the future of millions of people.

Dawn the explorer

– Dawn sought out the opportunity to explore a new continent during her third year as a business analyst.

Seaplanes and problem solving, foodie Tiffany experiences it all at McKinsey.

– Meet Tiffany, an implementation facilitator in our Jakarta office. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned her degree in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining McKinsey, she spent more than three years as an engineer at Chevron Corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Meet Marianela, a senior implementation facilitator in Brazil.

– While no two days are the same –and that’s a good thing – Marianela has found consistent support and learning as a part of McKinsey Implementation in Sao Paulo.

Exploring the world through McKinsey

– Operations expert, Thomas, describes the global adventures that led him to Jakarta.

Being different is an asset, not a liability

– Brata, the first GLAM (LGBTQ at McKinsey) member in Jakarta and the organizer of this year’s Day of Pink celebrations for the office, describes his experiences at McKinsey.

Meet Bontle

– We sat down with Bontle, a Johannesburg-based engagement manager with Digital McKinsey, to learn more about her full life as a consultant and author.

Petroleum Asset eXcellence at McKinsey

– Petroleum specialist Andrey joined our Bucharest office a little less than a year ago and has been inspired by his colleagues and clients.