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Making my mark in McKinsey Analytics

Carl joined McKinsey Analytics after a career in manufacturing. Read about how he’s making a difference for clients and helping grow this burgeoning practice.

I joined McKinsey as an experienced hire from the manufacturing field. In my previous career, I worked as an internal and external agent for change within the area of equipment maintenance and reliability.

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In my role as an expert in manufacturing analytics at McKinsey, I am still acquiring more data science knowledge. I’m developing similar solutions and standardizing them as a service offering. The best part is that even though I wouldn’t consider myself a data science guru yet, I can still make a mark within McKinsey analytics. Our team is very diverse and that’s part of what makes us so successful – and what makes working here so fun and exciting. There’s so much for us to learn from each other as we help clients solve their business challenges.

For example, on a recent engagement, I worked with a team of generalist associates, two data scientists and a data engineer to apply predictive analytics techniques to semi-conductor fabrication. Our objective was to describe and predict process failures across assets and failure types. A big part of our work was building the capabilities of the clients to continue this work on their own.

Stemming from that project, we developed a dedicated service line at McKinsey. The firm invested in it to help us roll it out globally. It makes me feel like I’m working for a start–up with all the benefits of McKinsey’s scale and stature.

Outside of the work I do with clients, I spend time building the analytics practice within McKinsey. I gather and codify knowledge and help others across the firm learn about what we do within analytics. I also help colleagues within the practice develop their skills and capabilities. My time outside McKinsey is completely devoted to my family; my wife and I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old who are a ton of fun and always keep us on our toes.

If you’re interested in joining McKinsey – go for it. Be yourself and recognize that it is the culmination of your experiences that will help you to make a difference here. Don’t rely only on the analytical skillset you have...bring your creativity to this job too. Learn more about our growing Analytics practice and opportunties to join us in this space.

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