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Being different is an asset, not a liability

– My interest in McKinsey began during my final year at university. I was selected to participate in Young Leaders for Indonesia – a program McKinsey ’s Jakarta office has run since 2008. The course taught me how McKinsey consultants approach client situations, building my problem solving skills and helping me understand how to give and receive feedback effectively. I met many local consultants from various tenures, all of whom invested their time in helping us Young Leaders grow and develop.

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When I joined McKinsey as a Financial Institution Group research analyst in 2015, my first impression was that everyone was incredibly driven. What particularly impressed me was how diverse and supportive the close-knit community was. In no time, I got involved in many community efforts, one of which was GLAM, the firm ’s global LGBTQ+ group. As the first openly LGBTQ member of the Jakarta office, I could have felt like I was alone; I NEVER have because of the tremendous support from the global GLAM network and the GLAM allies in Jakarta.

This year will be Jakarta ’s fourth time supporting Day of Pink. I led the organization of our office ’s celebration of diversity and stand against homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of bullying. It ’s been very exciting.

Recently, I was also involved in delivering of the first Masterclass for LGBTQ senior executives in Asia led by Ali Potia, a partner in our Singapore office. The event brought together 18 senior LGBTQ+ executives (outside of McKinsey) from various sectors and countries who are transitioning into C-suite roles. This Masterclass helped participants define their leadership vision, brand and strategy.

I love being at McKinsey because being different here is an asset, not a liability. Throughout my journey at the firm, I have been constantly reminded by my colleagues that I can make a difference, in part, because I ’m different and can share different perspectives, ideas and approaches to our problem-solving. If authenticity is what you value, I encourage you to consider a career at McKinsey because it is not only a dynamic place where you solve tough problems, it is also a great place to form authentic and long-lasting relationships with your colleagues and clients.