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Never a dull moment with Digital McKinsey

Avinash feared working on the same topic for too long. Digital McKinsey gives him the constant change he needs and feeds his love of technology.
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I joined Digital McKinsey a year ago as a business analyst, after I earned my engineering master’s degree. I wanted to find the best starting platform for my career. I wanted impact , exposure and excitement in my first role. I had a technical background and wanted to learn first-hand about how companies act. A business analyst within Digital McKinsey seemed like a good starting point. Over the last year, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much broader my experience has been.

I’m a bit of a nerd at heart and have always been interested in applying technology to help people. The level of impact a software or application can have depends on how it is deployed. At McKinsey, I’ve realised a new project must tie to an organisation’s larger challenges and goals to be effectively implemented. Generating revenue isn’t enough. I help my clients through the entire journey, I start with understanding what customers want and defining what the product should look like. After that my team and I build the product and deploy it for usage. I feel like I can really make a difference in how big of an effect technology has.

When I was considering different jobs after university, I almost feared working on one programme for more than a year. Consulting mitigates that fear with shorter studies and different types of engagements. Over the past year, I’ve helped a large client build a new digital bank from scratch; worked with a public sector client on how to combine two large IT systems; and advised a fintech start-up on how to tie their next funding round with their long term strategy.

What I find impressive is how engaged our teams are on studies. During that time, what keeps the client up at night keeps us up at night, and what drives success for the client, drives us. When we finish an engagement, we’re left with an ongoing relationship with the clients and each other. There is never a dull moment!

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More about Avinash

Avinash grew up in India and Singapore, before moving to the UK for his mechanical engineering degree. During his university days he worked as a freelance developer and transitioned into various roles in start-ups. He loves road trips no matter the location and photography, and is always up for a casual game of squash.

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