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Akweley thinks big and loves how much that is valued at McKinsey.

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I’ve always loved pushing boundaries and exploring unexpected connections, so the phrase “be at your best at McKinsey” had my imagination running a mile a minute from day one. As a high school student, my fascination with new possibilities encouraged me to think outside of the Midwest where I grew up. I enjoy finding practical solutions to problems, and I have found plenty of equally pragmatic colleagues at McKinsey.

As a member of the analytics team, many of my projects draw heavily on my background in statistics. We use extremely granular data sources to formulate new answers to tough questions. For example, I used analytics to help auto industry leaders develop a new marketing strategy that is turning around their sales and overall business. In another industry, I helped map sales territories so my clients could travel to all of their customers and still sleep in their own beds most nights. I’ve also helped small business owners launch new services to help them better meet customers’ needs and grow. Breakthrough moments like these are really gratifying.

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Another thing I like about McKinsey is that even if one client faces the same challenges, there’s an opportunity to innovate and overcome similar challenges in a new way. By working closely with clients in the automotive sales industry, my project team unexpectedly uncovered a valuable insight using standard customer segmentation techniques. Resolving each client’s challenges translates to real consequences for some of the largest, most influential companies in the world.

Along the way, I realized that being my best at McKinsey is not something I have to do alone. As intimidating as it seemed on day one, I have found mentors, fellow analytics enthusiasts, and friends at every turn. If you stay true to your passions, you can make your own McKinsey and build on your passions, too.

A few of my personal passions:

I have an interest in Futurism and Sudoko, cryptograms, and love learning new languages and technologies. Next to that, I love mentoring and volunteering with children. In the time I have left, I’m a true Trekkie; I love watching Star Trek with my husband and playing some volleyball.

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