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Developing technical skills through McKinsey Solutions

– Forbes once published a list of the 25 toughest companies to get into and McKinsey was at the top, so working at the firm felt like a distant dream for me. In 2014, I got a call from a McKinsey recruiter. She explained McKinsey was looking for engineers like me and described the many technologies on which I could work at the firm. I felt so lucky –I’d just found what I’d been looking for.

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During my interviews, I was very impressed with the quality and technicality of the questions I was asked. One of my interviews in the first round, Alain, has since become one of my most trusted and helpful advisors. We occasionally have long calls to share what we’ve learned and he even came from Belgium to visit me in India once.

My team is fantastic. We’re spread across the world – in India, Costa Rica, the U.S., and Belgium – but we’re all connected and we all support and mentor each other. My colleagues have helped me to continue developing my technical expertise and made life at the firm rewarding and fun.

I have been part of many interesting projects, including one I will never forget. We were launching an application under a stringent deadline. We had to ship the device on which the application was to run from Atlanta to Weehawken. Although we used a reputable shipping company, they lost the hardware and it took 10 days to track it down. We worked very hard – efficiently and effectively as a team – to make the go–live deadline just in time.

If you’re thinking of applying to McKinsey, don’t wait like I did – go for it. It is challenging, but you’ll be very well supported. Stay positive, ambitious and focused. Like I’ve learned from tennis, “the player who serves well seldom loses.”

Learn more about becoming a senior systems engineer with McKinsey Solutions in Gurgaon.

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