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A day in the McK life: Vincent

– Vincent is a summer business analyst in our Montreal office. He’s earning his bachelor’s degree in finance at McGill University while playing on the varsity ice hockey team. This summer he’s working on an engagement with our RTS practice, helping a major industrial client to optimize its value chain and streamline its operations.


5:00am: Wake up and get a quick run in. Exercising – specifically hockey – has always been a major part of my life. I started playing seriously when I was 13 years old. I lived in five different cities and played for several billets including Bantam AA, Midget AAA and the Canadian Hockey League, with the Gatineau Olympics and Quebec City Remparts. (Editor’s note: Vincent was awarded the Canadian Hockey League Humanitarian for the Year award in 2012 for his community involvement in Quebec, which included anchoring a radio show and working with several non-profits and schools to promote education through sports).

6:30am: Grab coffee and leave for the client’s office. I usually take advantage of the short drive to plan my day, create a to-do list and revise slides or documents our graphics team cleaned up overnight.

7:15am: Team check in. Our team meets to discuss today’s objectives and how they fit into the big picture. We make sure we are ready for the client team coming in at 7:30am.

7:30am: We huddle with the client team to discuss challenges and prioritize our plan for the day.

8:00am: I read and answer emails, schedule time for client and expert interviews and make a specific plan for those appointments.

10:00am: Problem solving session. My team usually has one of these meetings every two or three days. Sometimes we tackle one, specific issue; other times we review each work stream to align with our overall goals. Today, I receive feedback on my work.

11:00am: Excel modelling. I develop a few alternate value chain options and explore their effects on the client’s operations, looking for a way to make their processes more efficient.

12:30pm: Lunch time. We all take a break to grab a bite to eat and chat. Getting to know each other personally is just as instructive as the actual work we do.

1:15pm: Client interviews. An associate on my team and I meet a group of five client leaders who are each in charge of initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency of their business divisions. We discuss their ideas and select the most significant to analyze further.

4:00pm: I return to our team room and synthesize key findings from the meeting. Once I have collected my thoughts, I compare my notes with my team members. Eventually, I will test our hypotheses with data.

5:00pm: Next steps. I usually go over my to-do list before our team check-out at 6:00pm. I evaluate my findings from my work and establish a plan to get the data I still need.

6:00pm: Team dinner and check-out. Team meeting during which we eat and go over our progress. Everyone shares objectives for tomorrow. We don’t only talk about work, though; we also share personal stories and get to know each other. Everyone seems to have a very interesting backgrounds. It’s amazing.

8:00pm: Head home to prepare for the next day. If I didn’t go for a run in the morning, I get a work-out in as soon as I get home. I wrap up a few things for the engagement and relax – usually by reading.