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A day in the McK life: Vicky

– I’m a software engineering student, and Costa Rica-based McKinsey technical advisor with New Ventures, our firm's product and solution development group of 50+ McKinsey startups. I joined McKinsey a few months ago because the company cares so much about its employees and provides a huge opportunity for me to grow personally and professionally.

My current position allows me to help McKinsey clients and New Ventures teams, answering their day-to-day questions. I’m off on Friday and Saturday, and use those days to study, hike, dance, practice yoga, cook and share time with my family and friends. My typical McKinsey day looks like this:

Vicky inline

4:30am: I try to wake up between 4:30-5:00 am every day. I am a morning person. I love to hear the sounds of city as it wakes up. I usually do yoga or some other physical activity (like dancing, roller-skating, or Pilates), so I start the day with a good attitude. Then I take a light breakfast, play with my pets and do some household chores.

11:00am: I start my shift. I check my email and say hello to my colleagues in India, Prague, and Costa Rica. I organize my day, setting small and realistic goals. I like to go for some coffee or tea and a small brunch.

4:30pm: Lunch time. I usually prepare my own food at home and eat in the kitchen or one of the green areas around the office. I use this time to get to know my colleagues from other departments. I have met amazing people who share interests with me, and they have become close friends.

7:00pm: I check the status of my daily tasks and prepare for tomorrow. I review the work I’ve done to be sure my colleagues in other time zones will not have issues. Tech advisors operate around the world and we move customer requests forward as one big team, so it’s important for us to be careful and comprehensive in our work. This environment is teaching me to be very open minded and considerate because any error I make effects my entire team.

9:00pm: I head home, eat dinner with my family, study and relax. I like to make some time to read and play music. I am learning to play the accordion; it’s my new love. It is a very curious instrument. I want to buy a keyboard or a MIDI controller soon so I can create my own music.

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About Vicky
Based in Costa Rica, Vicky is a technical advisor with New Ventures, our firm's product and solution development group of 50+ McKinsey startups. In her role, she works closely with our New Ventures TechOps and product specialists.