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A day in the McK life: Minwoo

– Minwoo, a business analyst based in Detroit, shares what his typical day is like, working on an engagement in Germany:


6:45am: Wake up to a friendly “Guten morgen” call from the hotel’s front desk. Quickly check my inbox to review the PowerPoint document our visual graphics team worked on overnight. It looks great!

8:30am: Arrive at the client site. Talk with my engagement manager about additional refinements to our analysis document before our meeting with our clients this afternoon. We need a clearer perspective on the trade-offs between manufacturing locally and importing, so we formulate some hypotheses to later test, draw a framework on the whiteboard to guide our research, and make some case-interview style high-level estimates to be refined later with real data from the client.

10:00am: Meet with the client’s purchasing manager to review shipping cost data and test our hypotheses. We agree local production is the best option, and will further investigate the capital expenditure needed. The purchasing manager introduces me to the manufacturing leader who can help quantify this amount.

11:00am: Time to put our new findings on paper while rocking out to some Avicii!

12:00pm: Lunchtime. I could get used to eating currywurst or schnitzel every day. While we eat, I catch up with my team. We talk about German soccer and our meeting this afternoon. We’re all a little nervous and excited.

1:00pm: My engagement manager and I meet with the lead client who is happy with our progress and asks us for additional perspectives on the capabilities his team will need to implement our recommendations. Time for an impromptu problem-solving session.

3:00pm: Time for the monthly steering committee meeting with more than 20 senior client leaders (five of whom are calling in from around the world). The local manufacture versus import option becomes a key discussion topic. It’s rewarding to discuss my findings and hear that our clients have been impressed with our work.

6:00pm: Dinner with our clients to celebrate success and watch some soccer together. We enjoy a round of the local alt bier and assorted sausages – a classic night in Germany!