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A day in the McK life: Megan

– Megan, an engagement manager from the Southern California office, shares her experience working with two of our affinity groups during her year–long rotation with our global diversity and inclusion initiative. Read how she navigates flight delays to host a ground–breaking LGBTQ event and facilitates a session about connectivity best practices.


7:00am: My alarm goes off, and I wake up to a foggy morning in Amsterdam. Today, my team is hosting a Centered Leadership Workshop for 30 LGBTQ executives from the UK and Netherlands as part of the European GLAM (Gay and Lesbian at McKinsey – our LGBTQ affinity group) annual conference.

I start looking through my email as I get out of bed. Twenty-seven emails already? What?! As I start to read them, the problem immediately becomes clear. The fog has caused delays for many of our LGBTQ executives who are now worried they won’t make it to the workshop.

7:30am: We rally our team at breakfast to decide how to accommodate the delays and maximize the experience for the group. This event is breaking new ground in the LGBTQ community, so our attendees are very excited and many have traveled far to participate.

8:00am: I volunteer to shorten the workshop material to adjust for a later start. I am careful to make sure we still capture all the insights we’ve spent weeks preparing, but trim a bit here and there and make our key messages more concise.

11:30am: All of the executives arrive safely and settle into the workshop. I’m not delivering this section, so I shift my focus to our Hispanic and Latino affinity group in North America.

As part of my rotation, I manage this program. I started my career with McKinsey in Brazil, and I really enjoy connecting with and serving this community now that I’m back in the US.

Today, I'm putting the finishing touches on a document I’ll discuss with the Hispanic and Latino Regional Council – a group of engagement managers who have volunteered to lead connectivity events and recruiting initiatives.

12:30pm: I take a break for lunch and socialize with some of the LGBTQ leaders participating in the workshop.

2:00pm: The Regional Council call is going great. I love how diverse this group is, representing the full spectrum of the Hispanic and Latino community. It’s inspiring to see how dedicated and creative our local leaders are. The council is sharing best practices on connecting members, especially those from small offices, with each other and to regional events. The Midwest regional manager is planning a mojito mixology class and salsa dancing at a hotspot in Chicago. Sounds fun!

4:00pm: Many of the McKinsey partners who drive our global diversity initiatives have come to Amsterdam for the LGBTQ conference. We all catch up for a quick coffee and discuss our efforts in different parts of the world and next steps. For example, several GLAM leaders in South Africa who would like to organize an LGBTQ recruiting event in Cape Town ask me for tips based on our experience hosting similar events in the US and Europe.

6:00pm: The LGBTQ workshop wraps up and the executives all leave the room with high energy and big smiles. They are joined by McKinsey GLAM members for a cocktail reception and dinner.

At dinner, a Dutch politician responsible for making the Netherlands the first country to legalize same sex marriage sits to my left and chats with a McKinsey associate from Moscow about LGBTQ rights in Russia. On my right, a female tech executive speaks to a group of female McKinsey consultants about women in tech and how the industry is changing. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to participate in discussions about topics I am very passionate about with my McKinsey colleagues and political and business leaders from around the world. The conversations continue long into the evening, and I'm glad the day was such a success despite the bumpy start.