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A day in the McK life: Jessica

– Meet Jessica, a partner in our London office who specializes in retail and consumer packaged goods, and learn about one of her “typical” days:

7:00am: A little voice saying “Mommy, Daddy, the sun is up” wakes me up. Our two-year-old Addie has a marvelous clock that switches from the stars to the sun when it’s time for her to call for us. I get her out of bed, dressed, and ready for the day, then read to her and do a puzzle with her until her nanny Pam – who is beyond wonderful and really a third parent to Addie – arrives.

8:15am: I get ready for work and head to one of my clients, a multinational consumer goods company. While in the car, I speak with a team member in advance of an afternoon kick-off call with a new retail client.

9:00am: I arrive at the client site and meet with my team. We are helping our client build the capabilities and systems they need to do ongoing complex analyses we developed during a previous strategy review.

11:00am: I meet with our lead client - the head of emerging markets. He joined the client four months ago, and was asked to lead the implementation of our strategic recommendations. We have a dynamic discussion; I am really enjoying building a relationship with him.

12:00pm: I grab a quick lunch in the excellent canteen with my team before jumping back in the car to head to another client – a leading food service organization which happens to run the canteen at this first client. It’s always good to experience their operations first hand and have observations to share.

1:00pm: It’s time to meet with the COO of the foodservice provider and his team to help them think about how to make their operations more efficient. I asked two of my McKinsey colleagues – the head of our operations practice and a procurement expert – to join me. We have a very fluid discussion, which the clients say is helpful.

3:00pm: I chat with the client’s head of strategy who just returned from holiday in Dubai. She has two children, and the youngest is my daughter’s age, so we swap family stories too. I also get and reply to a picture message from Pam and Addie (who send me at least a couple every day so I can share in what they are doing). I send a note back; Addie and I love hearing from each other throughout the day.

4:00pm: I find a quiet working area to answer emails and think about an upcoming progress review. Before I had Addie, I would just head home to finish working, but now, when I go home, Addie is my priority so I frequently stay at the client site to wrap things up for the day.

5:00pm: I speak with my retail team about a kick-off for a major new strategy review where we will work with the client’s executive team to discuss their strategic priorities and hypotheses. We talk about what materials we will use in the discussion and how we will facilitate it. I feel energized – I love collaborating with my team and helping clients in a way that only McKinsey can.

6:45pm: I get back into the car to head home. My husband usually relieves Pam, but I’m usually back around the same time. We live in central London, which we love as we can both walk to our offices and short commutes maximize family time. We also have a terrific community that is very diverse and supportive – even my daughter has an active social life with lots of play dates.

7:45pm: Jim, Addie and I spend time together during Addie’s bath and bed time. This involves lots of reading and signing. We usually sing nursery rhymes but substitute in names of family and friends and experiences we’ve shared together.

8:15pm: Jim is an amazing cook (in contrast to me – I have no interest in the kitchen) so he makes us dinner, which we share while talking about our days. Then we watch an episode of Game of Thrones – can’t wait for the new season.

10:00pm: I log back on to email to finish up a few things before bed around 11:30pm. I am looking forward to a little voice telling me ‘the sun is up’ come morning.