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A day in the McK life: Janelle

– Janelle, a business analyst from Miami, shares one of her days working on an inspiring engagement in Houston:

6:00am: Rise and ride. There’s no better way to start the day than with an early morning indoor cycling and yoga session. Sometimes I even convince my teammates to join me.


7:45am: Quick coffee and bagel run. Our team has a running coffee and food order email chain so we take turns picking up sustenance for each other.

8:30am: Navigate through Houston traffic and arrive at the client site. The team has a quick check-in where each member gives updates on their priorities and deliverables for the day. This is a great way to stay plugged in to each other’s work, get and give help, and maintain alignment.

9:00am: Finalize meeting agenda with my engagement manager. We had a team problem-solving session yesterday during which we created an initial list of questions we want to discuss with our clients. Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients develop a comprehensive resource plan to execute a large-scale data analysis project.

9:30am: Meet with our client to discuss our thoughts, test our hypotheses, and align on next steps. We decide to proceed investigating a few of the most important questions, including creating a budget and detailed work-plan for each option we’ll explore further.

10:30am: Following the meeting, one of my projects is to identify best practices for managing teams across working locations. I review McK’s practice documents kept on our internal knowledge database to find benchmarks and examples, then I synthesize my recommendations while jamming to EDM (electronic dance music).

11:30am: Quick problem solving session with my engagement manager to share my research and align on the message we want to communicate to our clients when we meet with them again later in the day.

12:00pm: Finally time for lunch. This is a great time to catch up with my McK and client teammates since we all eat together in the cafeteria. Football is often a topic of discussion during lunch, especially since we all support different teams (go Dolphins!).

1:00pm: Meet with our lead client to further test our hypotheses and refine our recommendations. We share our research on best practices and he shares his analyses on the feasibility of the different plans we’re considering. The discussion is an iterative process. We narrow our recommendations and will share them with our broader team during a 3:30pm meeting.

2:00pm: Structure our recommendations and outline them on PowerPoint slides. It’s comforting to know that McKinsey’s Visual Graphics team is just an email away if I need help creating pages.

3:30pm: Time for the weekly client core team meeting with more than 10 client leaders. There are several agenda items to cover. We share, discuss and validate our resource plan. It’s a successful meeting and the team aligns on one recommendation, which the clients will present to their senior leadership during the next few days. It’s exciting to know our plan could be implemented as soon as the end of the week.

5:30pm: Incorporate edits from the team meeting and send slides to graphics for beautification. They quickly inform me I’ll get my slides back by the end of the day.

6:30pm: Happy hour and dinner with the client team to celebrate our success today.