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A day in the McK life: Cindy

– Cindy, an associate principal in Shanghai, loves working on a variety of topics related to retail. Here, she talks about the different projects she’s working on now to give a flavor of the work we do and the role a McK leader plays on engagements.


7:00am: Exercise and quiet think time in the hotel gym. Today, while running on the treadmill, I realize we should recut an analysis to explore a new channel for a client I’m serving. We need to estimate the size of the cosmetics store channel within the premium-mass skincare market in China. I’ll take the idea to the team later today.

8:00am: Video conference with clients in the U.S. and Hong Kong to discuss white space in the multi-channel department store market, the competitor landscape, and a potential partnership model. During the meeting, I suggest we review the consumer research results about our clients’ brand during our next conversation.

10:00am: Problem solve with a second team on the economics and implications of a new retail format we’re evaluating. I ask questions based on my previous experience to test a few assumptions and suggest the team run a few sensitivity analyses to identify the main drivers that will make or break the economics.

Noon: Team lunch – hurray, I’m starving.

1:00pm: Conference call to discuss and refine a proposal on e-commerce strategy for a personal care company.

2:00pm: Meet my clients to rehearse for an upcoming Chairman meeting. They have the main arguments down and are feeling good about the opportunity to present. I’m pleased for them and proud of our work together.

4:00pm: Outline early hypotheses for a new airline loyalty project that kicked off this week with the engagement manager.

5:30pm: Provide feedback for an engagement manager’s annual review to her evaluator (we call them development group leaders)

6:30pm: depart for the airport. I grab dinner to eat in the car while joining a conference call to plan our office charity initiative’s next event. When that finishes, I go through security and call my family while waiting to board. I spend the flight catching up on work, reviewing the recut of the cosmetics store channel sizing, and reading a book on the latest business applications of WeChat.

10:30 pm: In the car to my hotel, I finish up the last batch of emails of the day, send material to the US team as their day starts, and generally wind down. Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow.