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A day in the McK life: Ayush

– Meet Ayush, a business analyst in our Delhi office. Ayush joined McKinsey more than a year ago after completing his B.E. in Electrical Engineering. Read about his typical day serving a public sector client.


7:00am: Rise and shine. I’m not an early riser, so I cram my morning activities into a just-in-time system; I take a short run, shower and grab a quick bite before leaving for work.

8:30am: Team check in. I meet with my team. We review our key tasks for the day and help each other think through any questions or impediments. Since our team members are dispersed across multiple locations, this is our main opportunity to stay abreast of the larger picture of our engagement.

10:00am: Client meetings. I usually spend about an hour to an hour and a half meeting with my clients, reviewing our progress and aligning on next steps. I’m working on a large public sector project aimed at optimizing cargo traffic into and out of a country, so it’s important to make sure all the clients understand and are supportive of the changes we’re recommending.

11:30am: Crunch time. I capture conversations I’ve had during the morning on paper – sometimes in email, sometimes in PowerPoint. I do analyses in Excel or talk to experts in the field to develop the best practice approaches and solutions to the issues we’re facing.

1:00pm: Lunch. I prefer to avoid working lunches; this is the best time to get to know my McKinsey and client team members on a more personal level.

1:45pm: Back to work. I generally devote this time to my second work stream: building a model to identify the best ways to reduce our client’s logistics costs. A McKinsey design team supports me on this project, so I typically spend time on the phone with them reviewing their progress to date and discussing next steps.

4:00pm: Meetings with leadership. This is usually when my team and I meet with senior leaders for the project. We give them a high-level synthesis of our progress and plan for upcoming steering committee meetings.

6:00pm: Checkout. My working team meets once more to check our progress against our goals and plan any travel or meetings for the coming days.

7:00pm: Return to hotel or home. I like spending time with friends once I’m done for the day. About once a week, we do go out on a team dinner as friends. It’s amazing how work relationships at McKinsey become life-long friendships.

12:30am: Off to sleep.